For the first time in 5 years, and after so much heartache and disappointment in the intervening period, I can announce that we have a chick. Hatched out overnight, it looks strong and ready for breakfast. Let’s hope it doesn’t have to wait long. Proud new parent, Juno, is being very protective so we have had just glimpses so far but there will be more photos to follow.

Such a welcome sight!

Welcome to the world, little one.

14 thoughts on “AT LAST!

  1. Aww! That’s wonderful news. Congratulations. We will be back soon sadly without Bree our Border Terrier.
    Missing her very much.


  2. Such good news. You must be feeling very proud of your osprey family Rosie! We will be across soon to see how they’re doing.


  3. What great news Rosie, it must have known I was getting impatient. I’ll bet you are over the moon. Will let you know when we are visiting, so as not to miss you. Cheers


  4. We are so very glad that a little one has arrived at last. We were there yesterday and it was very distressing to see both Samson and Juno so unsettled by the noisy pumps to the fields. Thankfully they returned to the nest. Thank you Rosie and co for all the hard work you put in to bring this joyous news.


    1. It turned out that the pumps probably weren’t what worried them because they were moving away from the nest. I don’t know but I wonder whether she was spooked because she could hear the chick calling from the egg. Or perhaps the grass that she had got stuck around her leg, or a combination of all the things. We’ll never know. Thankfully, it appears that the exposure of the eggs wasn’t damaging. Phew!


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