A very quick note to say that Juno has laid a second egg today, right on time. As a first time breeder, she may stop at 2 but, if she lays a third, it’s likely to be on Saturday. So far, Samson has been the keener of the two to incubate but she has been very good and sitting tight when it’s been her turn, ignoring crows trying to bait her and keeping that precious egg nice and warm and safe. I’ll write again at the weekend and tell you a bit more about the past week and what’s been happening.

A rather grainy screen shot of the two eggs
Changeover time. Juno is the one standing.

6 thoughts on “A SECOND EGG

  1. Well done Juno. We will be back as soon as we can but will keep up to date till then. Bree is slowly recovering Rosie after her weekend shocks. We are too. 😱


    1. Tell Bree we don’t want any more of that attention seeking, thank you. Juno has done well and I think she’s slowly getting the idea of incubation. I wonder if she’ll produce a third on Saturday?


  2. Thanks for the update. Let’s hope the crows don’t get too feisty, as I know they can be very determined if an egg is the reward.


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