As those of you who read my last blog will know, one very important condition had to be met before I was prepared to give our female, JW6, a name. She was such a nuisance last year with chasing off any rivals but then not being prepared to settle down with Samson, that I said that she wouldn’t get a name until……SHE LAID AN EGG! That occurred with very little fuss this afternoon, but she hid it successfully from view in a very deep cup in the centre of the nest until about 6.30 this evening, when a shuffle of it allowed us to see and take a quick screenshot.

Proud Juno and her first egg

Juno and Samson have both been extremely attentive though his attempts to mate with her again weren’t particularly welcomed this afternoon. The long incubation now starts and I really hope that, as an inexperienced parent, she has the patience to sit out the 37-42 day period. Her character has changed significantly over the past few days and it’s obvious that her instincts, so sadly lacking last year, have really kicked in, so I hope she’ll be fine. A second egg may follow in about 72 hours and possibly a third a further 72 hours on again.

There are many hazards the eggs(s) will face before any chicks hatch. Abandonment, predation, accidental damage by the parents, infertile eggs are all dangers which can occur between now and hatching time. I will update you further in the coming days but for now, we are celebrating the arrival of the first egg at Border Ospreys in 5 years; it’s been a long wait.

15 thoughts on “HER NAME IS JUNO

  1. Absolutely brilliant news. So pleased for you, the time and effort you and Brian have put in over the years. This makes it all worth while. 👌


  2. Great news that all Samson’s efforts have paid off & he has a mate. Very exciting about the egg, fingers crossed for a safe incubation.


  3. Marvelous news Rosie congratulations, I’m so excited right now. Can’t wait to visit. Must have been the ‘nestorations’ you organised last season. See you June/July x

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