Well, having kept us on the edge of our chairs, given us sleepless nights and worried our fingernails down to the quick, Samson arrived this morning and was on the nest at 0913. He’s since had a wash and brush up and is now working away redecorating the nest after our feeble attempts to make it look appealing. He’ll need to go fishing soon as his crop looks empty but so delighted to see him again, nearly two weeks after the date he had arrived last year had passed.

A bedraggled, but safe, Samson surveying his territory.

8 thoughts on “PHEW!!!

  1. Hope to be visiting tomorrow while Sue is getting her hair done. It’ll give me a chance to test out my new camera! Hoping the weather gods will be kind!


  2. Oh wow,! Thank goodness what a wait! we are delighted for everyone who has been waiting for this news. Hopefully he will be all settled and ready to start this year’s family. We will be back soon to visit.


  3. Ospreys arriving thick and fast at the moment. Aran yesterday, Louis and Samson this morning, exciting times.

    Joan Dale


    1. Doesn’t appear to be, Jackie, but she might be wandering like a lot of female ospreys do before their mates return and might check in every now and again to see if he’s arrived. Time will tell.


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