A very quick blog from your intrepid reporter standing in the middle of a field on a very cold but sunny Sunday morning, to tell you that JW6, our female from last year, has returned. An osprey was first seen here on 2 Apr at 1630 and her identity was confirmed this morning. We are still awaiting Samson, as is she. She now appears to have gone fishing after her shrill food begging (that pair of lungs would have convinced us it was her even if we hadn’t seen her leg ring!) didn’t produce a fish bearing male.

9 thoughts on “IT BEGINS AGAIN

  1. Great news Rosie. Trust us to miss that. Hope Samson arrives soon. Lovely photograph. We will be checking each day and will be visiting next weekend. See you then.


      1. Good for you Rosie. Hope to see you and hopefully a full nest in the Summer. Cheers xx


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