Words cannot begin to cover the abhorrence and sickness I feel about the events at Llyn Brenig osprey nest site last night. Yesterday, we were celebrating the laying of an egg between a newly bonded pairing on the nest, built on a platform, just off the shore. Neither of last year’s pair had returned and this was seen as a bright new beginning. However, last night, some creature, masquerading as a human being, took a chainsaw and cut down the pole on which the platform stood, destroying the nest and the egg. The birds may try again at another site but all the supporters, volunteers and general wildlife enthusiasts are shocked and horrified at the disgusting act. The local police force is involved but no one has yet been identified as being responsible.

I cannot add anything more. My heart is broken for the birds and all the people who have worked so hard on the Brenig project, who are clearly shocked beyond belief at this wickedness. I don’t know how they will proceed, whether they will replace the platform or not. Anyone wishing to donate to them can do so via this link (be sure to add a note saying that it is for the Llyn Brenig project):


Courtesy of North Wales Wildlife Trusts

6 thoughts on “LLYN BRENIG

  1. Shocked and deeply saddened by this. Just can’t believe the behaviour and lack of intellect of some individuals


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