I hope you will share my excitement and pleasure when I tell you that osprey leg ring numbered PY0, possibly better know to you as the middle chick, Walter, from Samson and Delilah’s 2017 nest here at Border Ospreys, was seen last Friday and again yesterday!

I had a message from my colleague just across the border at Kielder, Joanna, telling me that a male osprey had intruded on one of their nests and had been caught on camera. She sent me the short video clip of the 5 second intrusion and from it we could see the leg ring and worked out that it was PY0.

The intrusion of PY0 on Kielder Nest 6, 12 July 2019. The ringed bird on the nest is the resident male W6 (video and picture courtesy of Forestry England)

He is probably on his first trip north after migrating (probably to central west Africa) from the nest in 2017 and will be searching for a territory and a mate for breeding in subsequent years. The males often return to the area where they were hatched, so I will be keeping a close eye out in case he returns to Born in the Borders although, if he does so, Samson will chase him off and will not recognise him as one of his offspring. It is the first time we have had confirmation that any of our ringed chicks (ie. from 2016 and 2017) have returned, although I’m sure some of the chicks hatched in the years before we ringed will have successfully returned.

PY0 back on the Border Ospreys nest after being ringed, 7 July 2017 (picture courtesy of Tony Lightley)

You might remember that Walter was the one who went out on the nest perch and then had a fit of nerves (well, it is about 130 feet off the ground!) and spent about 2 hours summoning up the courage to come back down the perch and into the nest. After that, he seemed slower than the other two to explore once they’d fledged and we were concerned that his reluctance might not bode well for his future. Well, what did we know?? I’m absolutely thrilled he’s survived the perilous first 2 years. His survivability chances will now increase substantially, so let’s hope he finds a mate and a territory nearby and continues the increase in population in the Borders of these magnificent birds.

Post Script:

PY0 intruded again on the same nest at Kielder yesterday morning, this time when the occupants were both away and spent a couple of minutes checking it out. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if he decided to stay for the rest of the season and then return next year to breed in the area?

PY0 revisiting Kielder Nest 6 on Monday, 15 July 2019 (picture courtesy of Forestry England)


Rosie Shields

16 July 2019

15 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS!!

  1. Delighted for you all … and for Walter! Ospreys need such a huge dollup of luck to just survive. May he ‘live long and prosper’ 🙂


  2. Fantastic news Rosie. You are right to be so thrilled. You must have wondered so often what became of all these chicks you’ve reared and now you’ve got your reward. Here’s to many more 😊


  3. Hi Sally. We had three females in the 2016 nest and one on the 2017 nest. I’m sure if any of those return, they would be interested in UV. He’d be quite a catch!


    1. Sorry Sally. Slight technical hitch, so my original reply wasn’t sent. So I sent another…..and another!! Shutting up now. I think you’ve got the gist of it. Derr!


  4. Hi Sally, yes. PY0 needs to chat to any of his surviving siblings as we had three females ringed in 2016 and one in 2017. I’m sure they’d be interested in UV.


  5. Thank you for this lovely blog. As a long term follower of the Kielder ospreys I’m hoping you see some Kielder born youngsters. There will be a need for females at Kielder next year for UV and PY0. Sally


    1. Hi Sally. Four of the 6 chicks that were ringed in 2016 and 17 were female. Perhaps UV needs to chat to PY0 and see if he is in contact with any of them?


  6. He is a fine looking young male, and wasn’t deterred by W6 not being happy to see him! Hope he visits his natal nest.


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