Not a lot of good news to tell you at the moment, I’m afraid. It now looks like Freya has not survived as she would probably have been here by now and she hasn’t been seen anywhere else (Kielder have been keeping a sharp eye out for her as well). The regular dangers that face ospreys, not just on migration but also in their wintering grounds, mean that even birds that you would expect to survive, like Freya who was young and feisty, succumb to them. We can only hope that she didn’t suffer.

Samson has been patiently waiting and has been entertaining those of us lucky enough to see him arrive with a fish to beautiful sky dancing. He temporarily attracted a rather lovely looking female who stayed for 2 days last week, and had several fish delivered by him, before disappearing off. I’ve a nasty feeling she was treating him a bit like a fast food drive-through, but without paying!

The mystery female


So the wait goes on. The chances of a female arriving and bonding with Samson are good. The 2 and 3 year olds, making their first migration north, are travelling up the country and are likely to catch his attention; hopefully one of the females will be attracted to him, his territory and his fish-catching abilities. However, there is very little chance of a family again this year as the breeding season should be well under way by now and that is clearly disappointing. He will probably stay around his territory for the summer, even if he fails to find a female, so there is still a good chance of seeing him either on the camera or down by the river. If a female is around he will do lots of displaying which is well worth seeing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he attracts a female and bonds with her so that we can look forward to there being birds breeding again next year. I’ll keep you posted.

Rosie Shields
15 May 19


  1. Poor Samson. As you say, Rosie, perhaps one of the new returnees will take a shine to him. He’s a good catch!


  2. So sorry to read this post.such a handsome bird and already a proven father and husband two years ago. We will be back soon and hope to see him bonding with a female for next year..


  3. Poor Samson. He has worked so hard. Maybe that visiting female will check out if there’s anything better around then decide that Samson isn’t so bad after all ….


    1. It’s such a shame, Catherine. He looked so forlorn, sitting in the dead tree just looking, the day she left.


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