This is just a quick update to say that Samson and Freya are still with us but are often spending much of the day out of immediate sight so there’s little to report……except that Freya went visiting the neighbours on 5 Jul and intruded on an osprey nest full of chicks at Kielder, much to the annoyance of the resident female. For the full story, read the link below.


She returned home later on and was probably just exploring slightly further afield than normal. She might have even hoped to snatch an unguarded bit of fish, but no such luck! The low level of water in the Teviot and other sites they use must make fishing more difficult, so some wandering is not surprising but it at least answers the questions as to whether or not she knows her way back to her own nest area.

There’s a definite lull at present but I still expect the pair to stay for a few more weeks yet. I cannot guarantee a good time to see them as they have no routine that I can recognise. It feels more like cat and mouse than birdwatching but it’s worth the frustration of their absence when they do deign to show themselves. They are very comfortable with each other and always seem to come back to the nest area overnight which augurs well for next year. Let us hope that we can enjoy seeing them for a little while longer before they set off on their migration.


Rosie Shields

15 July 2018

6 thoughts on “OSPREY WANDERINGS

  1. Thanks for the updates Rosie. Good news that Freya & Samson are bonding and hopefully there will be another brood of chicks next year. We popped down this afternoon but no sign of either bird.


    1. Sorry I missed you both and I’m sorry you missed seeing the birds. I hope they will be more visible next year; they certainly will be if they have a family to bring up.


  2. Thanks for this great update, Rosie. Sounds like Freya was doing homework as to how things are done when raising chicks! Really looking forward to seeing her with a family of her own next year.


  3. Lovely to hear that Freya is still coming back to the nest area. Look forward to hearing about them both next year. Hopefully there will be chicks then!


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